Europa Universalis 2

Europa Universalis 2

Europa Universalis II is an strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive

Europa Universalis II is an strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive.
In this game the scenario, is of course Europe, in late middle age and until the Napoleonic Wars 1819, this is a period full of changes.
You will have to run a country in every aspect, economy, diplomacy, commerce and so on. In some cases the best option is to take some time to make a good decision. You will see that is more probably that you win in the diplomacy field, than in the battlefield, for that is very important to make alliances with other countries, that will give you more possibilities in case of war.

In addition, you will have a map of all the playable countries with their provinces, and in case that you want, you will be able to create your own country as you like.
Another important thing is that you can choose what kind of economy you like: mercantilism or capitalism, you have to keep in mind the religious subject. Are you going to allow to The Church to have more power than you in your own country?

Graphics and sound
The graphics are good, the scenarios are very well done. The soundtrack is really gorgeous, you will hear the most important European creations of that time. The sound effects are suitable.

To sum up, if you want to run a country in all the aspects this is your game.

María Noel Balla
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